Zero Chair
Zero chair 用最完美的曲线,以内敛的造型为出发点,通过参数计算,设计出柔和的线 条,表现椅子的形态。本公司通过计算机模拟受力,分析及计算椅子受力程度,在 3D 打印过程中,通过参数化,兼顾椅子的内部结构和受力点,达到最轻盈的耐受强度。椅 子表面通过高分子复合材料加固及表面光滑处理, 我们使用增材制造及表面热固处理成型方式制造而成。该项设计除了对椅子曲面的细节 考究及造型美感的设计外,也是对新型制造成型方式的探索 。

Using flawless curves and simple style through parameter calculation,the shape of the chair with soft lines was designed. Our company analyzes and calculates the applied force strength of the chair through computer simulation. In the process of 3D printing, both the internal structure and the stress point of the chair are taken into account through parameterization to achieve the lightest durable intensity. The surface of the chair is strengthened and smoothed by polymer composite materials. We use additive manufacturing and surface thermosetting molding methods. We never stop at refined chair' s curve surfaces and artistic shapes. Exploration of new modules is also attractive and appealing.