Papi Chair
Papi Chair 设计于 2013 年,设计之初是以创作流动曲线的雕塑作品为目的,在经历了 十几次的修改最终定型。Papi Chair 即是沙发也是椅子,在器形上融合了两者内部曲面 与人体贴合,三周的椅臂向内弯曲,即是形态的表现也是为了诠释家具给人以父亲臂膀 保护的体验感受. 

Papi Chair was designed in 2013. At the beginning of the design, it was designed to create sculptures with flowing curves. It has undergone dozens of modifications and finalization. The Papi Chair is both a sofa and a chair. The shape coalesce the inner surface of the body and the human body. The arm of the chair bends inwards for three sides, which is to express the shape of the furniture to give the father’s arm protection experience.