Bloom Table
Bloom 茶几通过参数计算,设计出大方的线条和稳定的底部结构。 它的灵感来源于花朵的生长及绽放,底座以花瓣绽放的姿态呈现,三条腿的支撑大大增加了桌面的承重能力。整个茶几使用增材制造方式制造而成,该项设计除了对茶几美感的增色外,也是对新型制造成型方式的探索。
Bloom tea table is designed with generous lines and stable bottom structure through parameter calculation.Its inspiration comes from the growth of flower and blossom, base presents with the attitude that petal blossoms, the support of 3 legs increased the bearing capacity of desktop greatly.The whole tea table is made by means of additive manufacturing, this design is not only to the beauty of the tea table, but also to the exploration of the new way of manufacturing molding.