Needle Lamp
Needle 落地灯用简单的几何造型,通过精准的参数计算,与 Bloom 茶几相互映衬。 它的灵感来源于“万物回归”,没有多余的复杂修饰,还原光源最本真的状态, Needle 落地灯具注重产品的功能、创意和美学价值,看似简单,但其发出的乳白色 光,与空间的整体相映,为居室空间带来纯净灵动的光影。 我们采用增材制造,将产品工艺与前瞻性设计相结合,专注于设计并打造出在社会潮 流变革中历久弥新的日常家具产品 

Floor lamp “Needle “uses simple geometric modeling, and makes a contrast to tea table “Bloom” through precise parameter calculation, Its inspiration comes from the "return of everything", no extra complicated decoration, restoring the most authentic state of the light source. Needle pays attention to the function, creativity and aesthetic value of the product, it seems simple, but its milky white light merge with the space harmoniously. The overall reflection of the room brings pure and flexible light and shadow to the living space. We use additive manufacturing, combine product technology with forward-looking design, and focus on designing and create daily furniture products that have lasted a long time in the social trend.